Why Do I Need It?

Fenorri allows to:

  1. Receive notifications generated by the system automatically whenever something happens:
    • someone comments your report
    • someone mentions you in their post or comment
    • Business Case: You have published a report and shared it with your colleagues. Whenever someone writes a comment for your report, you will be instantly notified.
  2. Auto-generate notification from business apps, so that your business app can notify end-users when it's executed
    • Business Case: Your business app is processing new customer orders. Once a discount is given to a customer, you want to notify your sales team that a new discount was offered. This can be done by sending a notification automatically from within your business app.


Click the following top menu item:

You can then select 'See all' to view all notifications. You can also click a particular notification item, and open it separately. For instance, a notification could contain a report, and by clicking on it you will see that report.

You can archive a notification by clicking the following button:

To mark as 'seen' you can click the following:

Click the following button to mark a notification as 'not seen':

Notifications Page

Top Menu

Your notifications page contains a menu where you can sort your notifications by categories. You have 50 categories which will help you to sort your notifications for quicker access. To view all, simply select 'All Available' from the menu:

Archived Notifications

By clicking the following button, you'll be able to see your archived notifications:

You can unarchive a notification by clicking the following button:

To delete a notification, click the following:

General Notification

You will find your general notifications under this category. Normally, it will contain notifications for users' social activity. For instance, if someone likes your post, follows you, mentions you in a comment, etc., it will be listed under one of the menus from these categories.

Groups, Departments, etc.

This set of categories allows viewing notifications that relate purely to a group/department activity. For instance, if you're a group administrator, and someone requests to join a group, you will find this notification under 'Request to join a group' menu.


All your events related notification will be listed under these menus. For instance, an event you have decided to attend gets canceled, the system will send a notification and you will see it under the 'Event canceled' menu.

Resource Related Notifications

The following menu contains multiple sub-menus which allow you to view notifications that are related to resources (e.g. reports, business apps, etc).

Delete or Archive

You can delete or archive all your notifications by select either of the following options at the top menu:

Notifications Inside Business Apps

Your business apps can auto-generate notifications which will look similar to this:

How about auto-generation?

Send notifications directly from business apps
Keep people informed on what's important
Can be used for Risk Management, Monitoring, or updates
Just drag-and-drop a block to create auto-generated notifications!

To send a notification from within a business app, add the following block:

You will see the following inside your diagram:

You can set your block's name and its icon by configuring the following:

You can select to send a notification as 'This app' or 'Person executing this':

The first one will appear as a notification from the business app, while the second option will send a notification from a specific person. You can add your title and message, which will be displayed. A notification coming from the person executing the business app will look like the following:

Notifications sent by your business app will look like the following:

Type in your notification title:

Enter your notification message:

You need to specify which users you wish to receive this notification by typing and selecting those users as following:

Once this business app gets executed, users who are listed in this block will receive a notification.

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