A New Way Yo Run Your VC-Firm

Do you spend at least a quarter of your time on monitoring start-ups? Would you like to have full transparency into your start-ups, knowing at any point of time their status, challenges, initiatives? Do you face difficulties assessing your VC-firm and making the right decision at the right time? With Fenorri we would like to offer you a new alternative to run your entire VC, having automated and controlled processes. Your start-ups will become transparent, with real-time data available to all your team members.

    You'll be able to assess your portfolio the just way you want so that you can always stay informed.    

With Fenorri you'll be able to increase the chances for your start-ups to become successful, which is otherwise harder to achieve without the technology. Remember that your start-ups' work quality means a lot to your business, and by helping them grow and improve, while not spending much of your own resources, you'll potentially maximize your VC revenue, attract more investors and simply make more money by increasing your exit opportunities.

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