Innovation is a key success factor for many businesses these days. Sometimes a bright idea can save the business in the ever-evolving reality. This means that by adopting an innovative corporate culture, companies have to include that at all levels, encouraging their employees to think outside the box and have mechanisms to test and deploy innovations.

    With Fenorri your employees will be able to share their ideas or test them on the spot. Having easy-to-use editors, people can create and test new business apps, or change existing ones to improve what they think can work better.    

By soliciting such an attitude and rewarding innovation in your company, you'll be utilizing your talents and making ideas applied in practice. This is important since every anyone can recall a moment when someone had a bright idea, which was later forgotten. Most importantly, it doesn't cost anything, you are utilizing your current resources, and you don't need to worry about relying on 3rd party companies for this. Everything can be done in-house using Fenorri capabilities.

From our observation, people tend to start thinking about improving their business apps once they see they can. Traditionally people always had constraints to improve the way they work, but having the flexibility Fenorri provides you with, people start utilizing their abilities. By having virtual rewards mechanisms, you will make sure that people get a credit and appreciation for their creative ideas that work for your business!

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