Planning For VC's

Has your venture reached its expectation? Is it a positive benchmark? Should your VC-firm go through with financing or should it reach the exit and cut losses or retrieve the minimum revenue? Portfolio planning is easy when you have full visibility into your start-ups. You can have automated processes to verify your planning, recommend you on the best options and give you a full insight into your current status. Most importantly, you'll be able to make the right judgment about what needs to be done and when. For instance, you'll be able to assess if it's the right time to do a seed, round 'A' or 'B' investment, prepare for an exit, or spend more time on building your current portfolio. Planning should be made based on a realistic analysis of your portfolio. Only you know what's the best criteria to make measurements.

    With Fenorri, you'll be able to have better quality planning at all strategic levels for your investments!    

You can set-up a predictive analysis, define what results you are looking for and establish your roadmap.

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