Zero Code Instant Apps

For the past decade, many companies have tried getting their processes digitized. Normally they would either buy a packaged solution, build their own enterprise system, or outsource the entire problem. Neither of those solutions had proven to work in real-life. What is important to understand here, why do we still face the same issues we were facing 15 years ago? Why can't we simply get an enterprise system, where we can do what we want, what we need and when we want? Why do we always have to rely either on a software vendor, expensive IT consultants, or our own IT team?

   Why do we need to work like this, spend so much of time and money, and still not get the results that we want?   

Is this familiar?

issues with business processes
dependency on expensive packaged solutions
non-cost-effective IT consultants
wasting your money and time

The answer is simple. All this time software vendors, researchers, IT specialists and the media told us that this is the way to go. You spend your money, you wait for the results, you realize at some point it's not what you wanted, and then going back to step one. Then, at some point, they tell you that you have not specified your goals clearly, or you need much more time (and money) to meet what you want, or simply the technology handles only XYZ and you have to stick to it.

    How would you feel if you could instantly create & run your business apps?    

How about if we imagine for a second that we live in an ideal world where problems do not exist simply because we solve them quickly and painlessly. Then what kind of enterprise system would we need to have to really support our business needs? Can we have all our business apps transparent, with a user-friendly and fancy interface, similar to social networks? What if we keep changing our business model, our business apps, or simply if we want to experiment a little to make sure we are working how we should, what kind of technology will be capable of doing that?

That's exactly what we asked ourselves before starting with this project. We wanted to create a system, first for ourselves, where we can build any business apps instantly, and have a really cool, fancy and social-networks-like interface. Simply because we got sick and tired of seeing crazy UI's that some vendors inherited from the 90's. And we didn't want to spend another 2 years on building a CRM/ERP, then spend another 10 years polishing it up, to find out at the end it's not supporting our business as we want it to.

   Automate your business the way you want and remove the human factor!   

Fenorri gives you the ability to create any business app, right on the spot, without having to program anything (and while not having any technical skills), and run it immediately. Then if you don't like it, or if you want to change something, you can do that instantly. No need to wait for anyone. No need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on development, consulting, outsourcing, etc. The technology gives you a drag-and-drop editor where you can draw everything you need and quickly configure it to work. Sounds easy, right? On the other hand, we can provide you with ready business apps, which you can change yourself to adjust them to your own business model. If you need a hand, we're always here to support you. We can help you to create your business apps, and we can even do your apps for you. The main difference between us and everyone else on the market is that everything can be done in minutes, not months or years, and it doesn't cost a fortune. Our goal is to help you to become agile so that you can change your business at any time. You will need this flexibility to meet the challenges everyone's having in our days. You can achieve a competitive edge that you never had before.

   You will be fully transparent, fast and efficient.   

How can we have business apps with Fenorri? It's really simple. The technology allows creating any business apps via drag-and-drop, configure it, and voilà, you can run your new business app on the spot! If you need to change it, improve it, or re-do it - no problem, the technology provides you with this ability.

You don't need to rely on packaged solutions or technical consultants!

quickly create & edit business apps, without much of effort
your apps are transparent, anyone can understand them
become totally agile, you can change anything and everything immediately
define your business, since you understand it better and you'll be the one using the apps
continually evolve your business, optimize and improve it
automate your business the way you want and remove the human factor
improve your quality, making your business to be consistent and predictable

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