Risk Management for VC's

The investment industry has always been based on managing risks. It's also an important activity for a VC-firm since if you do not manage your risks properly, you might lose your business. One way to do that is to identify your risks, classify them, set-up risk monitoring processes, then constantly keep yourself updated if everything is going according to plan. With Fenorri you'll be able to obtain the right data from your start-ups, process and analyze your data, and also include other data from the outside that is directly impacting your start-up's success. For instance, economic, cultural or political factors can be a potential impact. By combining your data, you can monitor any particular risk.

    Risk mitigation is a very important action - if we know that something might go wrong and we know what to do, we will minimize the risk or eliminate it entirely!    

With Fenorri, you'll be able to set up monitoring mechanisms to mitigate any dangerous risk. If anything goes wrong (or about to), you'll receive a notification/recommendation. You can also automatically fire an app for a team member to complete. It all depends on your priorities and your business logic!

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