Integration With Gmail

Stop forwarding emails to your colleagues - this ping pong is never productive!

Now you can move your emails around like cards. Import emails from Gmail, then share, comment, pin, message, post - do whatever you like as with any other resource!

Why is this helpful?

You can easily import any email from your Gmail account(s)
You can access multiple accounts instantly
You can set up a Gmail connection for a specific group of people (e.g. groups, departments, projects, events, etc.)
You can import an email with 1 click
People can view, comment, share and pin your email (but only if you give them access)

Use Gmail In Business Apps

send emails directly from your business process
search for emails, and process them automatically
import emails


Now you can automatically send emails (i.e. send, reply and forward) from within your business process!

How is this useful?

automatically send emails while inserting data from your source
insert data automatically into your email body and other fields
attach files (e.g. a newly generated contract, existing documents, etc.)


Automatically search, inspect, process or import emails!

search emails, while inspecting their content
automatically reply, forward, or import found emails
import found emails automatically
Access Control Settings
Be in control of your emails! This can be done manually or automatically inside your business process. You can add and remove:
optionally, give access to all users
Gmail™ is a trademark of Google Inc.

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