Evaluating Start-ups

Evaluation is a constant process not just when you decide to invest in a start-up. Things can become cumbersome when your processes are not automated. You cannot scale and any human error can be really expensive. With Fenorri you'll be able to set up your evaluation process the way you want. Most importantly, you'll be able to change it at any time, without relying on anyone. This can be crucial when dealing with new and disruptive tech segments. Sometimes you would want to create your evaluation rules on the fly, while other times you would want a certain procedure to be changed several times, before finding the one you are looking for. Automate your evaluation today and make your processes nice and smooth!

    With Fenorri Zero Code Instant Apps you are in control of your evaluation rules and processes!    

This is important as it will allow you fixing mistakes, optimizing your evaluation, and getting you closer to the real goal - discovering and/or scaling the next Google!

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