A Smart and Secure Solution

What does it mean to be a smart company? Is it the way we work, how we spend our time and money, what we achieve? Being smart nowadays means we know what we want and we know how to get there. Are we flexible enough to changes? Can we reduce our costs and utilize our employees in the best possible way?

    Human factor accounts for massive errors in business decision and management.    

One of the biggest issue for any company today is the human factor. Firstly it's impacting on the overall performance. Wrong decisions and not efficient work lead us to many losses. Secondly, the economic changes and the fast growing competition require from us a quicker reaction, and in many cases, we need to be ahead of everyone else, at least by one step forward.

Do you ever face any of these?

a decrease in performance
wrong decisions
economic changes
failure to recognize new challenges
slow business response

How can we get smarter to perform well in present conditions? Can the technology be our friend and help us achieve our goals? Absolutely yes, if we pick and utilize the right kind of technology. How about having a system that tells us where we can improve, monitors our activities, allowing us to implement sudden changes. Fenorri helps you getting everyone and everything to be transparent, accommodate sudden changes fast, creating a comfortable and fun environment inside your company. A positive attitude is the ingredient number one in becoming smart, and without it, one cannot function well in a stress situation. Having a social network inside your company helps not only to create a better work environment but to also share and find information quicker. That means less of frustration moments for your employees and more fun and smart attitude in your office.

Some tips to consider

Use technology to overcome challenges
Create an agile and fun environment
Stay positive
Facilitate internal transparency where needed
Encourage smart people to make brilliant decisions

Being smart doesn't mean being the most intelligent person in the room. It means you know how to get to the results with less effort/time/costs. This is exactly what Fenorri brings to your organization. Getting smarter will impact on your company's performance, create a better work environment and open everyone's mind on achieving higher results. Become a result driven company with Fenorri and you won't regret it!

Privacy & Security Matter!

Without a secure environment, there is no guarantee your data, business apps, and even user information will be safe. Privacy allows ensuring your users are in full control of their data inside your organization. That's why we have taken extra care to ensure the product meets all of your expectations and provides you with the highest level of protection!

Private Cloud

Many cloud enterprise SaaS providers run their services in a shared environment. That means if some company gets compromised (e.g. a hacker gained access to their data), you might also suffer. We run all our services in a private cloud (depending on your packaged it is either a virtual or a physical server). That means the system is running in a separate environment which stores your data and only your company is using it. This not only allows for better performance results but ensures that your data will be secure.

You Own Your Data!

Nobody has access to your data except you. We do not use your data for anything and we do not share it with any third parties. Everything stored in the system (e.g. data forms, reports, files, business apps, logs, stats, etc.) belongs to you only!

Activity Logs & Versions

Activity logs are automatically generated for every resource (e.g. files, emails, business apps, reports, data forms, etc.). This makes it easy to audit or see who accessed any particular resource, when was it modified, etc. Files and business apps automatically have all previous versions saved, so that you can revert to an earlier version if you ever need to.

User Logs

User logs are automatically saved so that it will be easy to see who was online at any particular time, was it via the mobile app or a web browser, etc. This allows auditing your user activity if you ever need it. You can also disable any user account at any time or end their active sessions.

Access Control Settings
Inside Fenorri one can set access control to absolutely anything. For instance files, emails, business apps, reports, data forms, etc. have a mechanism where the owner or administrator can specify who has rights to access or modify the resource. We made the entire process fairly simple so that anyone can use it to adjust the right level of security. Users can also request access to a resource by simply pressing a button, so the administrators and owners will be notified and allow or reject the access.

Be in control of your resources! You can add and remove:
optionally, give access to all users

Security and Compliance

We take our responsibility for the security of our client's data very seriously. We understand how important security of your sensitive data is and ensure that all of your data is constantly secured and protected.

Physical Security

Fenorri uses AWS and Google Cloud for our hosting, and the security of the data centre is handled by Amazon and Google staff. Both Google and AWS have world-class standards for their data centre security. (Find out more information: AWS, Google Cloud).

Operational Security

AWS has covered many certifications (HDS, HIPAA, ISO 27001, SOC 1, 2 and 3, etc.) Click here to read more about AWS compliance. Google Cloud has also covered multiple certification (ISO 27001, ISO 27017, SOC 1/2/3, PCI DSS, HIPAA, etc.) Click here to read more about Google Cloud compliance. Fenorri utilises documented change-management procedures, and access to user data is strictly limited. Fenorri staff must review our security policies and procedures on a regular basis, and agree to the policies listed within.

System and Software Security

Fenorri runs a hardened OS while applying critical security patches whenever required. Access to our servers is protected by strict security rules on an as-needed basis. No internet traffic is allowed to directly hit our servers. We utilise a WAF to mitigate against common attacks. An investigation is immediately performed in case of any unusual or suspicious behaviour.

We regularly test our solutions looking for security vulnerabilities. Fenorri software is kept up to date, and we employ multiple monitoring solutions to ensure the security of your data. We perform regular vulnerability assessments while fixing immediately any issues if found. Annual penetration tests are also performed to verify the security of Fenorri systems and software.

Employee Access

No Fenorri employees ever access client data, unless requested by the client either for support reasons or to provide any additional service (e.g. data migration, business app design, etc.). Fenorri support personnel may access your billing or contact information that you provide in Fenorri Customer Portal in order to provide you with the service, but they do not have any access to your corporate data (including all of your data that you manage in Fenorri, such as raw data, reports, business apps, your internal communication, corporate and user data, etc.).

Maintaining Security

We have full-time staff to help distinguish and prevent new attack vectors. New feature releases go through special testing and verification to identify any potential attacks, including XSS. We are taking great care about your security to ensure your data (raw data, reports, business apps, your internal communication, corporate and user data, etc.) are treated the way we would treat our own sensitive data.

Credit Cards

Depending on your location, our payment processing is handled by Stripe, PayPal or Holvi, which are all PCI certified. We do not store any credit card information ourselves.


If you have any questions about our security and compliance, please contact us by email: info@fenorri.com.

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