Very often SME's are slowing down their scalability due to business owners' habit to get involved with every small detail. This is definitely a good practice in many situations, especially when quality matters. However, when scaling up your business, you need to focus on new and important things, while it will be physically impossible to get personally involved with every detail as you did before. What's the solution?

    With Fenorri, it will be possible to automate whatever is possible, develop quality control mechanisms and risk management, re-design your business processes and optimize them!    

By automating as much as possible, you will be able to be more flexible in delegating tasks and responsibilities. For SME's it will make easier to hire freelancers or simply outsource some of the business processes since it's easy to do that if everything is automated and systematized, and almost impossible if it only sits inside your head and processed manually or with inefficient tools.

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