Enterprise Social Network

More Fun, More Focus

You get the full blown social network for your organization. This will give you a complete user experience which you normally find on your favorite social network.

Like, share, pin, post, comment

Everything you see in the system can be liked, shared, pinned, or commented!

Simple User Interface

Anyone can use it instantly!
Makes work fun, while keeping everyone focused on what's important
It motivates people
Collaborative work environment
Drastically improves everyone's productivity
Inside your posts, comments and messages you can attach new or existing files, reports, business apps and emails!

Follow & Subscribe

You can follow users to receive updates, as well as subscribing for updates from groups, departments and events

User Profile contains:

Posts, files, emails, business apps, reports, calendar, dashboards, skills, education, experience, certificates, endorsements, etc.

Read & write posts anywhere:

Events (meetings, conferences, etc.)


Chat-like messaging system allows not only having 1-1 and group conversations, but to also attach files, reports, emails and business apps directly from the system!

To Make It Easier...

track resources (reports, files, business apps, etc.)
receive updates on all what's interesting for you
auto-generated posts on user/group/department/project updates
auto-generated notifications

Quick Access Drop-Downs:

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