Telecommuting is not just a trend, but it's also a must-have for many organizations these days. For some businesses, it's important to hire affordable staff from other regions, while for others it's about letting people work from home on Fridays. This approach not only allows to cut costs but to also have the opportunity to give your company more freedom in achieving new goals. Ideally, people should be able to work from anywhere and you do need the right type of technology to support that. You don't want to lose control over your business processes. You also might want to consider what communication and collaboration would be like inside your team.

    With Fenorri Enterprise Social Network and Zero Code Instant Apps, your team will be 100% location independent!    

Fenorri solves some major problems with telecommuting, allowing to keep everything under control and everyone informed. Transparency and risk management allows developing the right level of trust between people and confidence in business processes. Fenorri gives all that you need to enable this culture in your organization.

    Having transparent and location independent teams might allow much more than just saving time and money. You might be able to create the right team with the right skills while giving everyone the chance to work from anywhere!    

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