Fenorri mobile app

Your Work Is Always In Your Pocket!

The easiest way than anything else to collaborate and communicate. while getting your work done.

Available for iOS and Android

All of the features that you get in the web version are also available in our mobile app!

*We haven't included our editors though since it would not be practical to use your mobile screen to edit business apps or to create a report

Easy, Fun & Productive Communication

Multiple participants, group and 1-on-1 conversations are even more fun when you can share any resource (e.g. files, business apps, reports, emails, etc.)

To Make It Easier...

create a conversation with any participants
you can include people or groups (e.g. department, project, event, etc. members)
you can easily attach resources
yep, it's all in real time!

Groups, Departnemnts, Projects & Events

Keep everyone in the group up-to-date, sharing recourses, while discussing and collaborating - all done using the best practices of social networks inside our mobile app!



Import emails, share and discuss them with your colleagues - all done without forwarding or cc-ing.

To Make It Easier...

import your email once, share it with anyone you like (e.g. department, group, project, event members or individual colleagues)
everyone can discuss your email in the comments section
any updates to the email (a new reply) will be always seen by anyone with access
email is just a card (visually), which you can share, pin, comment, include in a message or a post!

Easy Configuration

Need to search for colleagues or configure something quickly? No problems, it all can be done inside Fenorri mobile app.

Business Apps

Running business apps has never been more comfortable, thanks to Fenorri mobile app. Imagine enjoying your cappuccino, while getting your routine work done, being outside the office - that feeling when you know you will get your work done while enjoying your day!

To Make It Easier...

you can start running a business process from the web interface, then leave it if you need to and continue with the mobile app
in fact, business apps are executed in the same way in both web and mobile interfaces
you can pin, share, post or message a business process


Working with files can be sometimes tedious and boring, which is why in our mobile app we've added some cool features to make it more exciting! Not only you can upload, download, import or export from Google Drive. You can also pin, share, or simply send a file in a comment or a message. You can also auto-generate files using a business process - all inside your mobile app!

Search & Hashtags

Search or browse hashtags - it all depends on what lets you stay productive!

Comments, notifications, TODO lists...

The possibilities are endless when you have all of that inside the mobile app. This comfort lets you be more organized and productive, as well as enjoying your life and work even more!


To Make It Easier...

Inside your TODO list, you can place any item (business apps, files, reports, emails, user profiles, events, projects, etc.), to keep yourself organized.

Pin it!

Pin whatever you like to any pinboard you like! This makes it keeping your work organized. Forget about the 20th-century "drilling through folders" approach - boards are more practical and easier to use to keep your resources organized!

To Make It Easier...

You can open any report and see the most up-to-date data, charts, tables, etc.. You will also be able to comment on any part of a report, share, message, or pin it.


Your calendar is all you need to plan your activities. You can place any resource inside a personal event (e.g. a business process can be inserted so that you will run it directly from your calendar). You can also create public events (such as meetings), manage who needs to attend, etc.

To Make It Easier...

The menu is extensive, but it will help you navigate through hundreds of useful features. You will become productive and start enjoying your work like never before!

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