Presently there are many grey areas in every organization. Whether it's about seeing what everyone's working on at any particular point of time, business processes (which are often in employees' head), or how people are using their time and effort (i.e. communication, discussions, information availability etc.). To move forward in becoming a transparent organization, you will need to solve several challenges. For instance, you want to know who is really a top performer based on how hard they work, how much of workload the person copes with, how helpful the person is towards their colleagues and other factors. Without being a transparent organization you will never know these things, and chances are you will never see them in real-time. On the other hand, having transparent business processes gives everyone a new level of understanding where the organization is moving to, what's required to accomplish, and the efficiency of various tasks.

    For some reason, KPI's never truly worked (organizations simply did them as a requirement, without really seeing any significant results).    

From our experience, transparency is the key to quickly solving various challenges, optimizing weak areas, allowing people to work remotely and having a constant practice of improving whatever needs to be improved. With Fenorri you will suddenly become a transparent company, controlling your visibility level, while having significantly more clarity into everything, eliminating your grey areas.

    Start seeing your business processes via Fenorri Zero Code Instant Apps today!    

The benefits are short term and long term, and your company will never be the same. After talking to many representatives from various sectors we came to the conclusion that transparency is the only way for everyone to move forward, and whoever doesn't solve it now, will stay on the same level. By becoming a transparent organization today, you will be able to reach much higher results, and with Fenorri it will be an easy and enjoyable process!

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