Dashboards Are Your Best Friends!

How do you know who is efficient? When are you most productive?

Monitor. Analyse. Improve!

Dashboards will help you to get the most out of your work. Not only it helps to identify who works the most, but it can be used for monitoring your organization, giving you a hint when someone needs to be rewarded or motivated.

Time is money

How much of data has a particular person entered lately?
Do people use reports you have created?
How many business apps has your department completed on Monday?
If you have been asked to deliver a new project, do you know how your colleagues normally work in order to come up with estimations?

Productivity costs

How socially active your colleagues are?
Do people participate in work discussions?
Do they share information, reports, business apps, etc. with each other?

Social Stats

You can also view how anyone is collaborating with the rest of the team.

When is the most collaborative period?

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