Redesigning the Physical Workplace

We live in a world where not only it's now hard to define the term 'employee', but the term 'workplace' is also changing it's meaning. Remote contact with our employees, freelancers and outsourcing partners is a normal thing these days, and SME's need to adopt to these changes quickly. Dealing with everyone over e-mails and messengers is not an option any more, we need a system where we can quickly share business apps, reports, and be able to not only control and monitor our resources, but to have a proper virtual spot where ideas can be shared, information quickly found and concerns expressed and clarified. How do we create such a virtual workforce and workplace?

    Thanks to Fenorri, you can now instantly create a virtual working environment, where anyone would intuitively be comfortable and productive    

With Fenorri, everything comes out-of-the-box. You get a turn-key solution where you can create and share business apps, have team discussions inside the group, receive notifications, monitor everyone's progress over dashboards, and set the level of transparency that you need with everyone working remotely.

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