Risk management has been always around. However, not every organization has adopted processes to decreasing their risks. It could be business, economic, human factor, regulatory, or other risks. While many risks might be similar between organizations, quite often they are unique or even exotic (especially when we look at business risks). At the same time, the way we identify and manage risks will be similar to everyone.

   With Fenorri we can instantly create risk management processes, and then continually monitor and mitigate them.   

There is a new approach to risk management and governance that many companies are adopting. Addressing behavior at the fundamental level has commercial benefits for an organization (which surpasses plain regulatory compliance). The challenge is in embedding appropriate values in practice. Along with financial risks, there are non-financial ones, for instance, conduct and reputation risks.
In order to oversee ethics, conduct, and product suitability, we need cross-functional and cross-department mechanisms to monitor codes of conduct, policies, and procedures. We need to apply in practice risk ownership roles and responsibilities. Regardless if it is a small business or a large corporation, every manager needs to know and apply mechanisms for risk management and take the responsibilities.

   We need to include a risk management culture into daily operations.    

Risks always change, they often mutate, grow, or disappear, and it's important to have the right technology which will allow you to adapt your organization to those changes, without breaking anything. With Fenorri, you can define and deploy a risk, governance, and compliance capable processes, solving your particular business scenario.

   Adopting a strategy translates into reducing the costs and risks of compliance for better, faster, and more efficient compliance practices.   

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