Time Is… Hiring

If your end-to-end hiring process is slower than your competitors', chances are, you will miss the perfect candidate. This is a big issue for many recruiters, since the process can take a long time sometimes, and candidates simply receive an offer from someone else. Fenorri can solve this by streamlining your processes, allowing to build automated and well-tuned mechanisms. Fenorri provides your organization with improved communication:

  • people spend less of their time on discussing via messages,
  • comments and posts inside the system allow making everything not only transparent but also faster and efficient.

    Automate your processes with Fenorri Zero Code Instant Apps and save money and time!    

Business apps (which one can instantly create, change and adjust at any time) allow making the right decision faster (such as filtering your candidates, prioritizing your own tasks and bringing innovative thinking into your daily routine job).

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