Partnering To Develop Solutions

There are many ways how partnering between two (or more) organizations are normally arranged, however, the most important thing to keep in mind is business integration. It's not only about how we implement communication and collaboration channels, and it's not even how everyone's following contracts and MOUs (memorandum of understanding). It is more about how well we link our business processes between two (or more) parties, and whether there are any obstacles that we need to sort since we all want a smooth and efficient link between the organization's actions. The better this link is, the more parties will gain from partnering.

    How well are you linked with your partner organizations? Can you easily fine-tune your business processes to the 3rd party demands?    

With Fenorri it is possible to have one communication channel. You'll be able to remove emails between your team members, and allow your team members to share resources (e.g. reports, business processes and apps, forms, files). Business apps can be shared between your team members, without breaking confidentiality and uniqueness. Not to mention that teams can change any of the shared business apps at any time, fine-tune their business apps while optimizing them.

    Fenorri will give you a better control over your tasks and resources (e.g. executing, sharing, etc.)    

You'll be able to create groups, host events, benefit from online discussions via posts, comments, and messages. You will remove the unnecessary barriers, unify activities, and deploy risk management and control mechanisms.

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