In many Sci-Fi movies, where we see futuristic technologies, we don't really see an IT guy telling the main character what to do. Instead, they start using some cool interface and get things done instantly, while everything works beautifully and as expected. So why is it then in real-life we are constantly told that things will work only when the IT guy presses some magic buttons and tunes the software for us? How much of money and time are we going to keep wasting on technology, that even after many years still doesn't work as we want it to? And most importantly, why do we always need to depend on someone? Who sets those rule and why do we need to follow them?

Let's imagine we simply forget about I.T. and any technology related issues that we keep facing day after day. What would it be like, if we could just take a piece of technology, start using it, and because it's so intuitive and simple, we make it work how we want without any effort? Sounds futuristic but it is possible with Fenorri. We open the system - it looks like a social network. We start creating a business app, and without having any programming skills, all of a sudden we can do something that even yesterday we thought was only possible in Sci-Fi movies. And that's now in real life! New technologies are replacing the old ones. Once we get used to these simple and comfortable innovations, it's hard to go back to the old-school tools and methods.

Think about it, would you rather accept the progress and be among the first to benefit from it, or would you keep resisting and possibly get out of business shortly? By forgetting about IT (or at least for the parts covered by Fenorri), life all of a sudden becomes easier.

    Very soon you will realize how much of money and time you will start saving (and you know the best how to utilize money/time in your company).    

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