Companies usually neglect to realize just how much they are losing when they are not utilizing employee's creativity. Having an enterprise social network changes that, as it pushes people to be more creative while providing a fun environment.

  Creativity is the engine of business progress  

You'll be surprised how some real-life challenges can be solved when people on your team apply some creativity.

While having an enterprise social network makes everyone's work more fun, Fenorri also aims at motivating users to ensure their efforts and achievements get recognized. It is always nice seeing other people appreciate your work. Fenorri allows people to express their emotions, write comments and endorsements, put likes, etc. - to ensure your teams are collaborating, everyone notices the great things, and people feel happy to know they are never forgotten.

With Fenorri, your team members can create something valuable and useful to your company. For example business apps, reports, posts, groups, and other resources - allow people to be creative while solving real-life challenges.

   While sometimes a person could be challenged, they will always be able to see how others appreciate their efforts. This makes the overall environment to be more positive and productive!    

Happy people perform better, put more energy into their work, complain less, stay longer in your organization, and make you also to be happier!

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