Improving collaboration is priority number one for many businesses. While having many online tools and services, some companies are still struggling with their level of collaboration among employees, teams, and departments. We've analyzed some common problems and solved them in Fenorri.

For instance, being able to place a comment on any resource (reports, tasks, forms, posts, files, etc.), being able to mention a person, add hashtags, open a group where everyone can discuss a topic (with the ability to share files, tasks, reports, forms, etc.), create a group conversation, send notifications from a business app (so that particular users get notified when something is happening), dashboards and custom reports - these are just some examples how Fenorri can help to improve collaboration.

We have noticed that poor collaboration usually occurs when people and processes are not transparent. The more you make them transparent, the better collaboration starts happening inside your team.
By building up your team to work as one body, you'll be able to get much higher performance results than if everyone were sitting on their own, working without sharing and helping each other.

Having the power of posts on Fenorri timeline, where everyone can discuss their observations, share concerns and achievements, allows better collaboration, making everyone to be aware what's going on inside your business.

Improved collaboration allows removing duplicated effort, reduce mistakes and share knowledge. Have you ever faced a situation when you are trying to find out some information, and it takes ages to discover it or find the person who knows something about it?

    Millennials & Generation Z normally function well when the environment is based on collaboration. Fenorri solves this by applying some of the best practices of social networks to the corporate environment!    

With Fenorri things move faster:
  • everyone is always informed
  • knowledge sharing is rewarded
  • and people become open and actively involved with the rest of the organization

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