Fenorri Messenger

Why Do I Need It?

Fenorri Messenger is a powerful communication tool for your entire company. It allows having 1-on-1 and group conversations. Inside your conversations, you can attach resources (such as files, reports, emails, business apps, etc.). The messenger is intuitive enough so that you don't have to learn anything and can start using it instantly. The purpose of the messenger is to allow your teams and colleagues to have productive discussions to help to increase their collaboration levels.


Open your top menu and click on the 'Messenger' item:

You can alternatively click the top menu and click 'See all' or a particular conversation from the drop-down menu list:

New Conversation

To start a new conversation, click the following button:

Search All Conversations

You can perform a search over all conversations by using the following search option:

Filter Conversations

You can select unread, archived, and new conversations by using the following filters:

Open Existing Conversation

Select your conversation by simply clicking on it:

Write a Message

Start typing in your message in the message editor. You can add emoji, mention people, and even attach resources.

Attach Resources

To attach a resource, click the 'Attach' button inside your conversation editor:

A dialogue window will appear where you can select the type of resource you want to attach:

For instance, you can attach a business app. Please note, you can attach only resources you have access to. Once you have selected your resource, it will appear inside the conversation:

Delete a Message

You can delete a message by pressing the X button next to it:

Search Inside Conversation

You can search inside your conversation by using the following option:

Conversation Menu

Your conversations have their menu which contains several useful options:

Mark as 'Read'/'Unread'

You can mark any conversation as 'read' or 'unread' by either clicking the menu item inside the conversation or clicking the conversation button:

View Attachments

You can browse through attachments inside a conversation by selecting the following menu:

Archiving a Conversation

You can delete a conversation by either clicking the 'Archive' button inside the conversation or selecting the 'Archive' menu option inside the conversation:

View Archived Conversations

You can view your archived conversations by selecting the following menu option:

Unarchive Conversations

You can unarchive a conversation by clicking on the following button:

Delete Conversations

You can delete a conversation by opening it and then selecting the following menu option:

The reason it's done that way is to ensure you do not accidentally delete forever something important. By opening a conversation before deleting it, you will always ensure you have seen the contents of your conversation before deleting it.

View Conversation Participants

You can view your participants by opening a conversation and selecting the following menu option:

Adding Participants

You can add people, groups, departments, projects, and events to any conversation by selecting the following menu option:

Then start typing your participant's name (or group/department/project/event title):

Once you have finished, click the 'Add' button:

Removing Participants

By default, you cannot remove a person from a conversation, but you can remove a group/department/project/event by hovering over it and clicking the X button:

In case you need to remove a person, they have to do it themselves by selecting the following option from the top conversation menu:

Changing Wallpaper

You can change your wallpaper inside your messenger by opening a conversation and selecting the following menu option:

You can then select your wallpaper:

Messenger Size

You can click the following button to make your editor larger to the left:

You can make the messenger back smaller by clicking the following button:

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