No More Spreadsheets

No matter how many software solutions are available, companies are still relying on spreadsheets to do planning, management, calculations, etc. Why is it so and why can't we just forget about spreadsheets? From our observations, one reason is in the work culture and old habits. For many, it's easier to create a table, enter numbers, a few formulas, and see the results. And it's perfectly ok to use spreadsheets in some way or another. However, when business processes are running inside the spreadsheets, then it's a big problem. Not to mention that one little mistake can create huge tangible losses for the business. It's also hard to manage such a business and optimize anything.

    Why would you want your business processes to ever be inside a table?    

When helping our customers to automate and improve their business apps, we spend time educating people on how to apply best practices and why it will solve their current issues. With Fenorri, creating and running business apps in your organization will be easier than doing that with spreadsheets, and you will be happy and confident about your company's capabilities.

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