Never forget anything... ever!

You can insert anything from the system directly into your TODO list (e.g. reports, business apps, posts, profiles, departments, groups, files, etc.). You can set a deadline, mark as complete, archive, cross out - everything to make your work easier for you!

Plan. Prioritize. Execute.

Why are some people more organized than others? We believe that with the right tool anyone can be organized and productive.

Easily configure your TODO list items

Why does it help?

Control your productivity
Small things can take away lots of your time, but they don't if you plan things carefully
Manage your work, priorities, deadlines
Easily map what needs to be done with real things (reports, business apps, files)
Drag-and-drop from TODO list directly into your calendar
Almost anything can be added to your TODO list!
Drop-down menu with your TODO list is always in the main menu!

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Create New

Enter your item details into the form, including title and description. You can also set a deadline. Once you've finished, click 'Save'.

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Adding TODO List Item to Calendar

Then drag-and-drop an item directly to your calendar:

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