Why Do I Need It?

Fenorri allows creating TODO List items. They can be used for planning and documenting your work tasks. You can also add a resource to your TODO item, for instance, a report. You can effectively manage your TODO List, as well as you can add your TODO List items directly into your calendar. Having this feature allows creating an organized environment and keeping things under control without over-killing one with unnecessary documentation or complicated functionality.

Add to TODO list

You can add any resource to your TODO list by clicking on the following button:

You will be able to instantly view your new item inside your TODO list by selecting it at the top menu. In case you need to view and manage your TODO list, click the 'See all' button at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

You can add any of the following resources to your TODO List:

  • a business app
  • a report
  • a post
  • a user profile
  • an email
  • a data input form
  • a file


Click the following top menu and then click 'See all':

You can also click a particular TODO item, and open it separately.

TODO List Page Menu

Your TODO List menu page is located at the top of your screen and looks like the following:

Each component can be configured. You can always delete a component or move it to a different position.

Expired Items

You can view your expired items by clicking the following:

Urgent Items

You can view your urgent TODO List items by clicking the following button:

Complete Items

Once you have marked an item as 'done', it will be moved to another area, which you can view by pressing the following button:

Create New

You can create a new TODO List item by clicking the following button:

Enter your item details into the form, including title and description. You can also set a deadline. Once you've finished, click 'Save'.

Delete or Archive

You can delete or archive all your notifications by select either of the following options at the top menu:

Mark as 'Done'

You can mark your item as 'done' by clicking the following button:

Mark as 'Not Done'

You can mark your item as 'not done' by clicking the following:


You can archive your item by clicking the following:

You can load more results by clicking the following:


You can edit your item by clicking the following:

Mark as 'Urgent' or 'Not Urgent'

You can mark your item as urgent or not urgent by clicking either of the following buttons:

Archived TODO List Items

By clicking the following button, you'll be able to see your archived items:

You can unarchive an item by clicking the following button:

To delete an item, click the following:

Adding TODO List Item to Calendar

You can add a TODO List item to your calendar by simply drag-and-dropping it. Expand the TODO List container (found at the left side of the page inside your Calendar):

Then drag-and-drop an item directly to your calendar:

Your item will appear immediately inside your calendar:

You can now click and edit your calendar entry:

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