Pin boards

Why Do I Need It?

Fenorri allows pinning any resource to a pinboard. This allows organizing your resources in a much sufficient and quick manner. For instance, you could have a pinboard for a particular client, and pin all the related resources to that pinboard (e.g. client contract files, reports, charts, emails, etc.). This saves your time, makes you more organized and efficient!


Open your top menu and click on the 'Pins' item:

Create New Boards

You can create a new board to place your resources by pressing the following button:

You can then create your new board by using the following form:

Editing Boards

You can edit your board by pressing the following button:

You will get a dialogue where you can specify your board's name and description.

Pining a Resource

You can pin any resource to a pinboard by clicking the pin button of your resource, which looks like either of the following:

For example, you can pin a file to a board by clicking the button:

Then you can select your pinboard from the list of available boards (otherwise you will need to create a board before you can pin a resource).

Remove/Add Pins From/To a Board

While browsing through your pinboard, you can add or remove a pin by clicking the pin's menu:

Sort Pins

You can select the following option to sort pins (in ascending or descending order):

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