Attracting and Developing New Business

Getting new business is one of the biggest challenges for consulting these days. And it's not only about bringing new clients on board. Consulting needs to create new opportunities with existing clients. In both directions, data analysis is critical. When exploring new opportunities, new clients and markets, the sales team have to systematically look at many factors and trends. If a firm does not have a unified mechanism to accommodate this, they are left to depending on one's intuition and experience.

   Quite often it does not help to meet sales targets, creating a tension between sales and management, causing revenue decrease and frustrations.   

Is your consulting firm experiencing any of these?

missed opportunities with existing clients
poor information flow between your consultants and the rest of the organization
customer trends are unknown
difficulties in offering new services
customer data is not analyzed nor used to generate new business

Some tips to consider

Create a feedback loop between your consultants and the sales team
Apply automated mechanisms to explore new opportunities (i.e. to create new service offerings)
Ensure customer data is regularly captured and analyzed
Motivate and reward your consultants for gathering the right type of data for the sales team
Never miss an opportunity

Consultants working with existing customers don't always gather or produce the right type of information to sales and marketing teams. Here's a quick example how we can use Fenorri to solve these challenges. We can create a user input form for consultants (it won't take more than 5 minutes) where they'll be able to gather their observations about existing clients. This will create a feedback loop to help your sales and marketing teams with assessing what's really happening with the customer and whether there is a new business opportunity. Sometimes we need to process gathered data into stats and reports. We can use Fenorri to quickly draw and implement a business app or create a report which others will be able to always see in real-time. We can do all of these within minutes (no coding or IT skills required). The same applies to sales. When they work, especially with direct sales, a lot of information is being simply lost since it's not being captured anywhere.

By quickly developing a simple user input form (sometimes with or without a business process or report), we will make sure that the sales team is capturing all their observations, allowing data to be later analyzed. By having everything in the system and applying best practices, we will then be always informed on all trends and dynamics, coming up with new ideas on how to generate new business.

   Fenorri allows you to rapidly move in any business direction by having the right set of solutions that will support you to solve any known or uncommon challenge.   

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