Reports & Report Editor

Create, View, Share, Post

Using a simple drag-and-drop editor, create custom reports. No coding required! Then you can view or share the report. Everyone always sees real-time data and current report version!

Create Charts Instantly

Create charts from user specified sources. Available formats include: line, area, column, bar, donut, histogram, combo, scatter, pie, map, trend, table, tree map, organizational, gauge, candlestick.

Report Editor

No coding or SQL, and no IT dependency!
Data comes from sources that you specify
Join data sources, set data filters - no limit!
Show table and/or charts
Group, sort or order result data
Set the time period
Format results
Add calculation formulas based on real-time data
Access Control Settings
Be in control of your reports! You can add and remove:
optionally, give access to all users
Comment reports

Report Boards

View all available reports
Custom boards
Add or remove reports to or from the board
Share reports or attach inside a message or post

Business Apps & Processes

Reports can be used inside a business app/process!

You can easily send your report inside a message!

Your colleagues will be able to open it to view or comment, as well as to share, pin, like, add to their TODO list, etc.

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Reports Inside Business Apps

Your reports can be used inside a business app. You can easily add a report inside your business app by dragging and dropping the following:

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