Millennials and Generation Z.

There is something about Millennials and Generation Z that makes some CEOs to re-think the way they run their companies. Firstly, these generations are not so keen to work from 9 to 6 and rather prefer more flexible work arrangements. Secondly, they really need updated technologies, especially tools with improved collaboration and communication. Thirdly, having these generations in your team would mean you should be aware that if you do not motivate them and if there are no rewards (particularly virtual ones), they might not stay for too long with you. It has never been so difficult as now, but on the other hand, these generations are more multitasking than earlier generations are, and they can really give your company a competitive edge.

Fenorri provides you with a spectrum of tools to make it easier to create a better, flexible work environment for Millennials and Generation Z, where you can improve collaboration, motivate and reward them, and be able to adjust your business apps to take advantage of their abilities and passion.

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