More Fun, More Focus

You get the full blown social network for your organization. This will give you a complete user experience which you normally find in your favourite social network.

Like, share, pin, post, comment

Everything you see in the system can be liked, shared, pinned, or commented!

Advanced Mobile App

Your Work Is In Your Pocket!

The easiest way than anything else to collaborate and communicate. while getting your work done.

Available for iOS and Android

Business Apps Made Easy

Ever wondered why are you so dependent on packaged solutions or IT guys? That's because you didn't have the technology where you can be the boss of your own business apps/processes!

Create Any Reports

Using a simple drag-and-drop editor, create custom reports. No coding required! Then you can view or share the report. Everyone always sees real-time data and current report version!

Create Charts Instantly

Create charts from user specified sources. Available formats include: line, area, column, bar, donut, histogram, combo, scatter, pie, map, trend, table, tree map, organizational, gauge, candlestick.

Many Useful Form Controls

Text Box, Text Area, Email, Check Box, Radio Button, Drop-down List, File, Calendar, User Field (to add/remove users), Formula Calculation Field, Show Data from Another Form, WYSIWYG

Pin boards

You can create an unlimited number of pin boards so that you can organize your work better! For instance, you can create a pin board for a particular project or client, and then pin all important things on it. This saves your time, makes you more organized and efficient.

Calendar Should Be Functional!

Easy to use interface where you can drag & drop business apps or TODO list items directly into your calendar!

Organizing Meetings Is So Simple

Invite people, departments, groups to events (e.g. meetings, conferences, etc.). Events have a timeline with posts. You can also add files, business apps or reports.

Never forget anything... ever!

You can insert anything from the system directly into your TODO list!

Dashboards Are Your Best Friends!

How do you know who is efficient? When are you most productive?


You can search absolutely everything you have access for! Text or hashtag search covers reports, business apps, forms, messages, profiles, groups, departments, users, events and posts!

Upload Or Auto-generate Files

You can easily upload files, keep different versions of the same file, or simply let business apps to auto-generate files for you! Integrated with Google Drive for easy import & export.

Be always informed!

Whenever something happens, you will be notified! 100+ notifications automatically generated, plus you can set up notifications directly from your business apps!

Message your colleagues

Stop using email for internal communication. With this advanced message system, you will not only be able to discuss with your colleagues but send them files, reports, and business apps instantly.

Your Department's in One Place!

Run your entire department from one place! Making collaboration, sharing and keeping everyone informed easily!

Integration With Gmail & Google Drive

Export and import files, send or import emails manually as well as automatically via your business apps!

Privacy & Security Matter!

That's why we have taken an extra care to ensure the product meets all of your expectations and provides you with the highest level of protection!

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