Menu Editor

Design Your Own Menu

Fenorri allows having a custom menu. That means you can place your menu on the left side of your screen, which can contain anything you like. This also means you can create custom menus for your teams, departments, user groups, etc. - anything that will make everyone's life easier.

Easily create custom menus for users, departments, groups, etc.

What can you include in your menu?

Show a pin board
Show a report board
Open a report
Start a business app/process
View a business app/process
Initialize a business app/process Show an email
Show a file board
Show a file
Show a group
Show a data form
Add new record via a form
Show a master data form
Add a new record into a master data form

Menu Editor

Open your top configuration menu and click on the 'Edit my menu' item:

You can also click the edit button on the left side of your screen:

If you already have menus that you have access rights for, you can easily edit them by clicking the edit button:

You can also make a menu appear/disappear by clicking the 'eye' button:

To add a new item to your menu, just type in its name:

Then you need to select what action it should perform by clicking the 'Change Action' button. You will get a dialogue with a list of all possible actions:

Start selecting your action and configure what it needs to perform. Everything is intuitive and straight forward. To change the order of your menu items, simply start dragging them until you get to the right position:

You can set your access permissions by clicking the 'Access Control' button:

For example, if you select a certain department, then all members of that department will get your menu on the left side of their screen. They can still remove it at any time if they wish. But they will be able to access it only if you set the access.

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