Easy to use interface where you can drag & drop business apps or TODO list items directly into your calendar!

Functional Features - No Headache!

User interface where each user can plan their work schedule via drag-and-drop & configuration. Manage your calendar and view other people calendars (if access is granted).

Events (e.g. meetings)

Create it and provide some details (date, time, place, URL, dress code, etc.)
Specify who should attend (compulsory, not compulsory, etc.)
Invite people, departments, groups
Choose your event type (open, closed, secret, 1-1)
Allow or disallow others to invite people
Publish or cancel your event
Events have a timeline with posts. You can also add files, e-mails, business apps or reports.

Meetings are simple!

Agenda, description and other useful information
Timeline with posts
Invite users
If it's a closed event, users can send a request to attend
Respond to user request to attend (accept/reject)
View all attending, not attending, maybe attending or hasn't responded yet
Add/remove reports, business apps, emails and files
Share meetings in your post for everyone to see!
Invite people to attend a meeting

How to use it?

Add business apps directly into the calendar via drag & drop
View and add TODO list items via drag & drop
Specify your category, difficulty level, color, etc.
Set your availability status in advance and it will pop up to others (e.g.busy, phone only, chat only, etc.)
Personal calendar items are also easy to configure
Easy configuration for your events

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View other people's calendar

You can view another person's calendar inside your by opening your calendar and then selecting the persons you wish to view at the bottom of the page:

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