Why would any business need an enterprise social network? Besides that the Millennial Generation need it, and it is essential for them, are there any other benefits, which push business to adopt social networks instead of intranets? The answer is really simple. If you have a user interface that everyone understands intuitively, allows to speed up many aspects of everyday work, and at the same is fancy and easy to use, would you not want to have it for your organization?

   Fenorri allows taking the entire social network experience into your corporate world!   

The main advantage of having it versus continue using an old-fashioned intranet is that people will feel better and act more productively if their system, which they need to use absolutely every day in their work, looks and feels like a social network. This is not only our study, but this is also what various researchers told us for the past few years. The problem is, there is no system which is completely encapsulating all the best practices of existing social networks for a corporate environment.

   Fenorri is the only provider that does that, and we are proud to be leaders in this segment!   

Yes, there are many systems where you have chats, timelines, and user profiles. But not a single system gives you a full-blown social network which you can run in a private cloud for your company. We had to spend a substantial amount of time studying how people use social networks for their leisure and identified dozens of important points applicable to a corporate environment.

A quick overview of our results:

people want to communicate with others via posts, comments, likes, and messages
many stated they want an ability to pin anything they find interesting to a board
users want to have a virtual identity
many would want to have virtual motivation tools
a social network would make things more transparent, since everyone sees what others are doing in their team
younger generations can perform multitasking while being in a social network environment
people nowadays prefer messaging each other rather than calling or communicating face-to-face
many stated they don't respect old-fashioned interfaces with limited functionality; instead, they prefer modern social-network-like interfaces
the virtual world has captured many minds, and those people produce better results if you give them the ability to work in such an environment
people are really impatient today, they don't want to wait for someone to respond to their email - instead, they prefer to see if their message was 'seen', get a reply on their comment, or see if the other person is simply online

Fenorri not only reduces the normal frustration people get while using old-fashioned tools for communication, collaboration, search, or expressing their ideas and concerns. Fenorri allows taking the entire social network experience into your corporate world!

   Forget about old-fashioned intranets or half-functioning corporate systems. Switch to Fenorri!   

Our research shows that people become productive when working in a happy environment. They start loving what they do, and they help their company to get to the level they never thought of before. By switching to Fenorri you will ensure that this path is set from day one!

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