One way to increase profits is to reduce your costs. However, if you are looking at alternative ways, then we can examine one business case. For example, one of our customers wanted to increase their profits by increasing sales. By examining the sales cycle, we have managed to optimize the client qualification processes, reducing the number of manual steps to speed up the process.

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It is, however, almost impossible to get everything right from the first attempt, and we have spent some more time in refining and brushing up various parts of the sales cycle.
Further automation and improvements covered the following levels:
  • obtaining client details (lead-generation)
  • filtering out and qualifying potential clients
  • automating sales risks management
  • identifying automatically what areas should the sales manager pay attention to in each potential deal

Additionally, new mechanisms were introduced to recycle filtered out prospects (in order to ensure they get a second chance in the sales cycle). In this particular instance, the company was able to offer additional services a prospect might be interested in.

Once the whole thing was running, the customer was able to increase their profits by 19%!

If your technology allows you to experiment and find the model that works, you will be able to aim at higher results.

By fine-tuning your business apps, creating reports with real-time data on the fly, improving your internal communication via the enterprise social network, and introducing new and more efficient ways of performing tasks will definitely open up the new horizons for your organization!

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