Uncontrolled processes do not exist. Every process is always controlled by someone. If you are not controlling something, then someone else controls it. The question is, are you happy with how processes are being controlled in your organization? Is your culture of clear and transparent work communication and open leadership? Do you have any communication barriers which are stopping your organization?

    An ideal organization should have a configuration where the system functions well regardless of human errors.    

While many software vendors will talk to you about how things can get under control if you have dashboards with real-time data or other technological tools, we are focusing on helping you to achieve the format and the level of control that you need in your business.

An organization is usually structured in a hierarchy, flat or orbit manner. There is no magical structure method and we believe it should be whatever works for you (and is in line with your goals). While examining an organization, before making any suggestions, we first ask questions about company's mission, vision, culture, ideal model the management (and employees) see themselves in, and the feedback loop.

    The way you structure your organization will impact on what sort of results such a configuration will bring.    

From our experience, without the proper feedback loop, there is no way for a manager to control their team (no matter what organizational model they apply). With Fenorri we then can utilize technological tools to help you to create your ideal organizational structure. Keep in mind that first, you set the feedback loop (or else it will be impossible to measure the output and results), and second, will your cultural aspects, work organization and business processes support the managerial model or not.

    Your feedback loop is the key to successful management!    

It is important to mention that every organization is unique and different from others (while having sometimes similar problems). Therefore no one can create a generic recipe that gets the level and format of control you need. We can only address the impacting factors by fine tuning your business processes.

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