All Events Are Automatically Logged

Powerful Log

Logs keep a history of everything that's happening. Files, reports, business apps, emails, users - all actions are in the logs!

To Make It Easier...

Logs will help you to see how resources (e.g. files, reports, business apps and emails) are being used
They are also great for audit (in case you ever need it)
You will be able to view and export your logs


All actions applied to a file are automatically logged - just to make it easy to see what's going on! The system will automatically capture data on whenever someone views a file, downloads it, edits, exports, etc.

Business Apps

To see when someone started, ended or cancelled a process
Editing, publishing, archiving and other useful data will also be logged
This potentially can help you with optimizing your business apps


Full data on who viewed a report (as well as edited, published, shared, archived, changed the access permissions, etc.)

@ Emails

Logs can be handy when you import an email, set access permissions, and then see if people have actually opened your email. Other actions will also be captured (e.g. shared, archived, etc.).


Logs will contain data on whenever a person logs in or logs out, as well as their presence (being online).

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View Logs

To view the activity logs for your resource, simply click on the drop-down menu and select 'View Logs':

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User Pop-over Menu

By rolling over a person's name, you'll be able to see their information:

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