Trainee Recruitment

Many companies need trainee recruitment, while most these days don't have proper mentoring and training process, not to mention human resources to take care of the trainees. It's important for many to keep an ongoing trainee program, as this is the only way to get new employees competent to take up a role in the organization. Today, however, we have a situation where people are being overloaded with their current daily activities, having lesser available resources which can act in a mentoring role for the trainees.

    It is much easier to mentor a person in a well organized and automated environment    

Have you ever tried automating your internal mentoring processes? While some things require face-to-face activities, many processes can actually be automated, to minimize the amount of time a mentor gets to spend with a trainee. This will potentially allow you to take more trainees into your organization, resulting in increased productivity while reducing your costs.

With Fenorri it's possible to design a trainee onboarding program, mentor trainees remotely, create knowledge-base groups, automate some of the trainee processes so they guide them providing with feedback, set up an additional trainee control mechanisms to decrease their errors, and most importantly Fenorri will offer a visibility into trainee's performance, allowing you to make further decisions.

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