Cost Effective

While our price is really competitive if you compare it to many other SaaS providers, we are more focusing on value for money. Let's explore how we do that.

1 Reduce Information Technology

Fenorri allows your company to create their own business apps. If you don't have time for that, we can provide you with ready apps, which you can change at any time as they are fully transparent and easy to change or configure. Alternatively, our skilled business analysts can help you achieve your goals faster than if you used any other system available on the market. We cut down the costs that you would normally spend on Information Technology related expenses and software, consultants or outsourcing providers.

2 One Product

One system can cover most of your needs to run and operate your business, which is a huge cost saving for you, since you no longer need purchasing several software products.

3 Productivity

Fenorri does everything possible to make people work more efficiently. Individual performance becomes transparent, while motivation techniques increase everyone's productivity. Having social network elements inside the corporate environment, along with dashboards, is just one example of that in Fenorri.

4 Virtual Private Cloud

You save money by running everything in a virtual private cloud, and not having it inside your own data centre. Fenorri scales your business without having you to scale your IT exponentially, by providing you with a platform that can support most of what you normally need to run your business.

5 Nothing's Hidden

Fenorri is not interested to sell you super expensive consulting services, unlike some traditional software vendors do. Our business model is different. We are focusing on delivering the best product with the best service, making it successful by helping you to improve, and making it global. In case you want to do things inside the product yourself, you have tools which you won't find in any other product, such as our platform for creating and running business apps. Being a SaaS provider, we are not interested in hiding costly traps for you. Our success is in delivering the service you will be happy with so that you can stay longer with us.

   We exist only thanks to our happy customers!   

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