Fenorri Zero Code Instant Apps

Business Apps Made Easy

Ever wondered why are you so dependent on packaged solutions or IT guys? That's because you didn't have the technology where you can be the boss of your own business apps!

Business Apps Execution Platform

Everything you draw in the editor can be instantly executed!
Run different versions of the same business app
No need to call your I.T. expert!
You can run a business app, leave it,then re-start it from the same spot, or simply cancel a running business app
Start the business app manually or automatically, after another app completes
Specify users which must complete the business process

Business Apps Editor

Create a business app via drag-and-drop, then deploy automatically!
Run a business app instantly
Edit a business app at any time
View and load a previous version
The editor does not require any coding or IT qualification

How do we do this?

It's surprisingly easy to create a business app. We simply need to drag-and-drop some blocks, configure them, then run the app instantly! Zero coding guaranteed!

To Make It Easier...

Easily share your business app
Comment, discuss and save time and effort!
Run different versions of a business process, or simply keep only one
View all automatically generated files for a given business process
View how many business apps user has in progress or completed

Your business apps are 100% transparent - anyone can understand them!

Business apps are like cards, and it's easy to manage and use them
You can easily post a business app on a timeline!
Access Control Settings
Be in control of your business apps! You can add and remove:
optionally, give access to all users
Business app boards are really handy
If you leave a business app, you can later continue working from the same spot you left it at

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